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The Story Behind this Innovative Baby Bottle Adapter

Linda Lewis in Galesburg, Illinois started the Flipple Company. Linda's invention, Flipple, is a bottle adapter that turns water bottles into baby bottles and sippy cups.

Family Owned - Made in the USA

The Flipple Company is a family owned-business based in Galesburg, Illinois with manufacturing both in Galesburg and Ohio. The goal of the company is to provide top quality products that parents will learn to trust, value and need.  We are a woman owned, start-up business with a mission to source product in the United States.

The Flipple Company wants to keep growing with your family so check out what all you can do with this innovative little gadget. Our newest addition is Simple Sippy and there are more exciting products on the way.  Keep checking this web site and Face Book for new products, specials and successes.

A Grandma-preneur's Story of Invention

Necessity is the mother of invention, or, in this case, the grandmother of invention. Linda Lewis first began developing Flipple after a family outing went awry. She saw a hole in the market and had the perfect product to fill that void.


It began when a peaceful family outing on our boat turned into an emergency situation when the baby bottles had accidentally been left behind and my hungry grandson was screaming impatiently. With no place to buy new, we used paper to funnel formula into bottled water but what a mess when he tried to sip.  Surely we were not the only ones to have this happen.  What if you could leave your baby bottles and sippy cups at home... on purpose?


I began gluing and measuring at the kitchen table until a workable prototype was available. It was very ugly but worked beautifully! After watching my grandson go nuts for “this idea” I realized I had a winner.  I began educating myself on how to manufacture, market and sell a "never been seen before" product. 

Living the Dream

My entrepreneurial spirit led me to retire from my full-time job of 30 years to fulfill the great American dream of bringing my own invention to market. Liquidation began and before I knew it, I was in too deep to quit.  I had no idea it would be this expensive and take so long just to have something to sell. This invention consumed almost everything I had so there was no turning back.

Finally - SUCCESS!

After first introducing Flipple to the market, the industry changed the bottle necks (making them with shorter necks and flimsier) and the adapter no longer fit. This caused me to have to start over, retool and repackage.  After many manufacturing and packaging chances we finally got it right.  Today, Flipple is sold in numerous chains and over 800 independent stores across the nation.

Spread the Word

My biggest challenge is still creating awareness. If you are still reading this, would you help by spreading the word about Flipple. And always remember:

By the time you realize you need a Flipple, it could be too late!

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