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Turns Water Bottle Into Sippy Or Baby Bottle

Flipple - it's the easy way to keep your child hydrated

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Use this Funneling Adapter Forever
From Baby Bottles to Kitchen Funnels, the Flipple Does It All

It's not just a bottle adapter; it's also a kitchen funnel and a fantastic accessory for your travel and camping supplies. Order your Flipple from The Flipple Company in Galesburg, Illinois.

Various Bottles

Use the funnel to add flavorings, vitamins, supplements to water bottle.  Keep it  on your bottle in the funnel stage and drink from it so your bottle no longer collapses.

Storage Bottles

When camping funnel eggs, coffee, sugar, cereal and pancake mix into repurposed water or soda bottles for an easy way to carry and keep food moisture free and bug proof.

Flipple in Kitchen Drawer

Use it in the kitchen - it's small and will not lock up your drawers.

Protein Powder

NO MORE STICKY BOTTLES TO WASH.  Use the Flipple adapter to add your protein powder directly to bottled water.

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