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Turns Water Bottle Into Sippy Or Baby Bottle

Flipple - it's the easy way to keep your child hydrated

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Fun Fact

The Flipple Company is based in Galesburg, Illinois. Our customers love how quickly and easily they can transition from a water bottle to a baby bottle or sippy cup with our innovative new product, Flipple.

Did you know toddlers will grab bottled water before their own baby bottles? Why? Because they like to copy their parents. They also enjoy the crunchy sound of the water bottles.


Flipple is catching on with parents and travelers across the country. See what they have to say about their Flipple experience:

"While at Disney World, we gave Flipple a try.  My son loved having his own water bottle and never throw it down once.  He drank lots of water."

"The real winner was the on-the-road convenience of not having to lug 5-10 baby bottles in our luggage. We really economized our packing and were able to pack a week's worth of clothes and supplies into three carry-on bags. We used the savings on checked luggage fees to have groceries - including bottled water for the Flipple - delivered to our hotel room."

"I used to fill the hotel sink with dirty bottles and trying to get them clean was next to impossible.  Now all that I wash are the nipples - boy - did this simplify my travels!"

"I was hoping it worked.  There was a bit of a learning curve but once we got it, it's been a life saver."

"What a great product! This is a must for any diaper bag. I having been giving this out as a gift to friends who are expecting, and they love it. It comes in handy, especially at places like airports where you can get stuck for a while."

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