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Turns Water Bottle Into Sippy Or Baby Bottle

Flipple - it's the easy way to keep your child hydrated

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Always A Perfect Baby Bottle or Sippy Cup When Used Correctly

  • THE HARDER TO SCREW ON, THE BETTER!  It keeps your child from unscrewing the top. 
  • Choose your bottled water wisely.  Do not use the generic flimsy bottles with a short neck and tiny threads.  There isn't enough neck or threads for the adapter to attach to.  We recommend Aquafina, Dasani, Fiji, Ice Mountain and many other popular brands.
  • Squeeze the funnel to widen slits then press on with palm of hand then screw.  This helps put it on straight.
  • Bottle neck must protrude through adapter.
  • Nipple or sippy is pressed against bottle neck - this is what makes it leak-proof.  Do not use Dr. Brown collars because they are too long.
  • Works with most "standard" nipples, collars and caps.

Flipple is Safe

Water quality is never an issue when you can walk to a convenient store or vending machine to get fresh bottled water.

Flipple is Easy

There is no more lugging baby bottles, sippy cups and bottled water.  All you need to do is keep the Flipple adapter on hand so all that leaves the house are clean nipples/sippy tops.  And guess what?  Only the dirty nipples and sippy tops are left to wash.  Wash the Flipple adapter as needed.

Flipple is Economical

Use the sippy top at home on your baby bottles.  This helps with the transition from baby bottle to sippy and allows your child to get used to one type of sippy top.

The Flipple adapter will also work with most of the "standard" collars, caps and nipples you already have.  (Do not use the Dr. Brown collars - not standard.)

Flipple is Convenient

Whether used every day or as an emergency baby bottle, you'll enjoy the freedom and convenience Flipple brings to your routine. Flipple will help you eliminate dirty baby bottles, get through delays and long flights with your child, and allows switching back and forth between a baby bottle and a sippy cup during the weaning period.

Emergency Safety Kit

Keep the Flipple adapter in your emergency kit at home.  If bottled water needs to be rationed, you do not want to use fresh water to clean bottles.  With Flipple in hand, you are always prepared for the unexpected!