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Turns Water Bottle Into Sippy Or Baby Bottle

Flipple - it's the easy way to keep your child hydrated

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How To Use/Care

Flipple Instructions

1. Adjust water level then add powdered formula per instructions. 2. Squeeze funnel, firmly push to snap on bottle then screw until bottle neck shows. 3. Screw on nipple until it is pressed tightly against bottle neck. 4. Remove nipple, add sippy spout and repeat #3.


THE HARDER TO SCREW ON, THE BETTER!  It keeps your child from unscrewing the top. 

Squeeze the funnel to widen slits and soften Flipple adapter.

Leak-proof when silicone nipple or sippy top is pressed against water bottle neck.

Try to avoid the short necked bottles with tiny threads - there just isn't enough of a connection to handle a toddler's strong pitching arm.  Only use short necked bottles in an emergency.

Works with most nipples, collars and caps but be sure the water bottle neck comes through the middle of the adapter so the nipple or sippy top tightens against bottle neck.

Although Flipple fits most standard water bottles, there are some that work better than others.

Best Choice Water Bottle Top


• Dasani®
• Aquafina®
• Fiji®
• Propel®

Good Choice Water Bottle Top


• Arrow Head®
• Aquapod®
• Deer Park®
• Ice Mountain®
• Ozarka®
• Polar Springs®
• Zephyrhills®
many, many more

Use With Caution Water Bottle Top


• Some generics
• Nestle Pure Life®

It is the consumer's responsibility to inspect and discard any worn parts.

CARE:  Before first use, boil all the components for three minutes.  After each use, sanitize sippy tops and nipples and wash Flipple as needed.  Top rack dishwasher safe.

AVOID CHOKING HAZARD:  Silicone will tear.  Before each use, inspect thoroughly for cracks, teeth impressions or other signs of wear.  Discard immediately if any sign of wear is present.

ALWAYS USE WITH ADULT SUPERVISION:  Never allow children to drink or eat without adult supervision.  Though our products are made with top quality materials, sharp teeth could cause a tear.  Do not allow children to carry bottle by their teeth.  Prolonged sucking on fluids may cause tooth decay. 

Only use with products suitable for babies.


Flipple products meets all requirements according to the FDA, ASTM F963-11, CPSIA, California Prop. 65 and other requirements.  These certifications can be furnished upon request.

All materials are BPA free, phthalate free and free of other materials found to be harmful to consumers.  Material safety data sheets are available upon request.